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Kishakar 11 months ago
That's what the article implied, prescribed burns are the best way to handle it but environmentalist have intervened and don't even want the forestry department to go in and remove dead trees, combined with a Clinton initiative years ago that forbid roads going through forested areas that has made it impossible to reach area's that need removal of dead trees. I thought the article was pretty un-bias in it's overall assessment.
Daijind 11 months ago
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Gardabei 11 months ago
Great post. I agree 100%. Heroism of Soviet soldiers and partisans was a huge factor. But losses could be much smaller if Soviet wouldn't apply barbarian methods of fight. many cities and town could be taken with less lives lost, but commanders had orders to take this town to the birthday of this or that Politburo member or Stalin himself, to the date of this or that Communist holiday. And commanders simply sent their soldier under fire.
Shakakasa 11 months ago
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Zolozragore 11 months ago
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